live in the moments


My kinda couple

Is all about the moments. great coverage throughout the entire day is important to them because "their people" are important to them. 

My kinda couple

wants to enjoy their wedding! they trust that i'll get all that we planned and they go out and have a good day!

My kinda couple

is up for anything! sunset photos, a bit of a walk, even a little night time photo fun. photos are a huge priority and they want to enjoy the process.

I've been a professional wedding photographer since 2009. I started my business under the the name Life Art Photographs, so if you're looking for history on my work that's where you'll find it.

Honestly, I've totally lost count. It's well into the triple digits.


How many weddings have you photographed?

What makes you different? Why should we hire you? 

My experience. The quality of my work. My ability to anticipate a moment. My ability to adapt to and shoot in any lighting scenario you throw at me. My perspective. I'm super fun and totally awesome too. 

how many photos do you deliver? 

It's not an exact formula and each wedding is different, but on average I deliver around 100 photos per hour.


Honestly... as soon as you're ready you should do it. I can only book one wedding per day and in most cases will only photograph one per weekend. Most couples book me 9 - 12 months or more before their wedding. 


Of course!

Can I book both photo & video?

Yes, but that depends on the availability of one of my preferred contractors and the workload that I have around your wedding day. I prefer you start with just one and add the other on later. If I am not able to secure someone who I trust 100% on your wedding day or cannot add on the additional editing work to my calendar without compromising your happiness with my product and service, I can help ensure you get the absolute best product and service by helping you choose a vendor for the alternative service. 

are all of the photos edited?

Everything that is delivered is edited. The only footage you don't receive are shots that are exact duplicates, are technically flawed, or are unflattering (think of pressing pause on TV when a gorgeous person looks horrendous at the moment the screen is frozen). I have a very clean editing style so they will not appear to have any special effects or filters. They will look like the work you see here on my website. 

how to we book our wedding?

I require a 50% non-refundable retainer and a signed agreement to book a wedding. Remember, once you're booked I turn down all other work for that entire day and sometimes weekend. Your entire retainer is applied toward your wedding coverage.


Great! I've got answers. Just contact me to set up a meeting. We can get together at the studio so that I can show you around, you can see tangible samples of my work, and you can ask me anything your heart desires. If you're from out of the area, we can Skpe or do an old fashioned phone call .

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Wedding film collections begin at $2,500
Wedding photo collections begin at $2,500

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